Nice to meet you.Thank you for your time.

I’ve been working as a programmer for 9 years.My major is computer science and technology.During my previous experiences I have learned lots of important skills.I have improved my technology (skills) expertise along with my creative problem solving skills and deep understanding of Mobile development and Front-end development.I’ve learned how to (iterate products for users and clients )demonstrate our new apps to the users and clients.And also give them some trainings.I’m very confident to give presentations of our products by using some easy to understand way.

I have good communication skills and easygoing.(easy to get along with my colleagues) I can working in a fast-paced environment and enjoy working under pressure.

I have the ability to communicate ,my second strength is my ability to set and hit targets. During my last job,I’m one of the leaders have in charge of 20 people to achieved some goals.we’ve got some projects done on time.I have had the opportunity to complete a couple of management trainings to District Managers.

I can also come up some ideas not only with my own but also with team members.I’m a self-motivated person and a self-learner.

With my previous work experiences combine my education,my achievements and my ability to adapt to a different kind of circumstances,I have a good faith with this position.I love this industry and I’m really looking forward this opportunity.

I have a positive attitude towards life.I love high-tech gadgets. I prefer to do smart work instead of hard work. I believe in achieving maximum output with minimum input.

What kind of opportunities do you offer the staff,What kind of ongoing training you offer.